April 25, 2023

Meeting of the Business Centre Club of Małopolska and Częstochowa Lodges

We would like to thank you very much for inviting us to the Meeting of the Lodges of the Małopolska and Częstochowa Business Centre Club at the Puro Krakow Kazimierz Hotel last Thursday (20.04). We were able to present our MeetAR application. This solution allows you to search for people at meetings using bluetooth and using VR and your phone's camera. An innovative aspect of the application is the ability to find a person with MeetAR and establish a business relationship with them.

Guests of the meeting had the opportunity to test MeetAR on their phones with the IOS operating system. Participants were impressed by the application's capabilities. Especially the use of the camera on the phone and looking for people in the room who want to establish business relationships. At the meeting, many valuable questions were asked about the functionality of MeetAR and its further development.

Through the meeting we were able to gain valuable comments and suggestions that will allow us to better adapt the application to the needs of the market. The MeetAR application showed how much potential the meeting where it is used can have. It shows who's who and enabling contextual relationships. The MeetAR presentation was met with great interest, resulting in invitations to future meetings.

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