June 28, 2023

ICT Spring in Luxemburg city

On June 28, 2023, we were at the ICT Spring conference in Luxembourg - a global technology event that attracted professionals from various fields. Before the start of the main part of the conference, we took part in a meeting organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). We visited the University of Luxembourg, where we looked for opportunities for cooperation between Poland and the Luxembourg business ecosystem.At Meetlify, we are avid supporters of B2B contacts and networking. That's why our app has the unique ability to operate without internet access and provide indoor navigation. With this, we help people quickly find those they want to talk to - regardless of the circumstances.During the ICT Spring conference, we explored how B2B contacts work in Luxembourg and how they differ from what we already know. We gained valuable insights that will help us continuously improve our solution. We were open to new contacts, and our app made it easy for us :)Keep following us to stay up to date with the development of Meetlify. This is just the beginning of our adventure!

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