October 19, 2023

Award Gala at the 8th Intelligent Development Forum in Uniejów

We are extremely pleased to announce that Meetlify has been honored with the prestigious award in the "Innovative Technologies of the Future" category at the 8th edition of the Polish Intelligent Development Awards Gala. The award gala was traditionally held as part of the 8th Intelligent Development Forum, which is a congress of projects of the future, the 7th edition of which 2023 took place in picturesque Uniejów on October 19-20, 2023.
Intelligent Development Forum - Congress of the Future
The Smart Development Forum is a unique event that promotes and supports forward-looking projects of key importance to society and the economy. This congress focuses attention on scientific research, technological and social innovations, development projects, industrial research and valuable local government initiatives. It is a platform that recognizes and supports the authors and beneficiaries of these projects, highlighting their contributions to building a better future for our country, but not only.
The slogan of the 2023 Edition: "Cooperation for Development - Facing the Challenges of Tomorrow".
The 2023 edition of the Smart Growth Forum adopted the slogan: "Cooperation for development - facing the challenges of tomorrow." This is a theme that relates to the essence of Meetlify's activities, which aims to create innovative technological solutions that support cooperation and communication in various areas of life. A solution that brings people together and helps the right people get to know each other effectively at meetings and conferences . The award in the category "Innovative".

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