August 28, 2023

A Great Celebration of Cinema

New Horizons is a festival of cinema visionaries, out-of-the-box artists who boldly go against the grain of prevailing trends, importantly artists from all over the world.They are able to talk about important and more important things differently, uniquely, without compromise. Selected films at the festival screenings are memorable - passionate film lovers, and not only, have a huge room for discussion and experiencing emotions. The work of visual artists appears, along with multimedia projects in urban and gallery spaces. The festival also abounds with accompanying events - exhibitions, concerts, operas, installations.MeetAR appears here for a reason - it brings together cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers and committed people in the field of cinematography and art. It allows you to find the right people and spend time in a group where cinema is a passion.Many thanks to the organizers of the New Horizons Festival in Wroclaw for such an amazing experience and the opportunity to show that technology connects passion and people in the real world.

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